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Are you ready to start having your Silhouette machine work for you?  If you're looking to turn your crafting hobby into a successful business, Cutting a Profit: The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Running a Successful Business is exactly what you need! 

From naming to branding to marketing to working with customers (even the difficult ones) to taxes, licensing, and watermarking - the latest ebook from the author of the hugely successful Silhouette School blog (and former Etsy shop owner) is stuffed full of information and resources every small handmade business owner needs to be successful, legal, and profitable.
Not sure if you need to register your business? Unclear what taxes you should be paying? Have questions on if you really need an EIN or Business Tax ID and separate bank accounts? Still unclear what tax write offs (this book!!) you qualify for and if you're taking full advantage of the self employment and small business tax laws? Confused about the differences in commercial and personal licenses, copyrights and trademarks?

Cutting a Profit includes more than 100 pages of instruction, screen shots, and images, along with 10 worksheets to take you step by step through starting, growing, and running your Silhouette business successfully. 

Here's a look at just one of the worksheets...you'll also get worksheets to help you brainstorm what to sell, sheets to help you claim your business' name and social media handles, an extensive list of potential tax deductions, a list of helpful websites and resources for small businesses, a social media post schedule and more!

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 Silhouette CAMEO Silhouette Portrait Etsy Sellers Handmade Business Cutting a Profit book

You'll learn what you should be charging for your time - and why. We'll talk pricing formulas and why having policies in place - for everything from Friends and Family discounts to Rush Orders to Refunds and Exchanges - will drastically cut down on problem customers and lost profits. Cutting a Profit even gives you a script to help deal with difficult business situations and awkward customer interactions so you stay professional and profitable

Take a peek inside and look at the Table of Contents!

Still not sure this digital download ebook is the right investment  for your small Silhouette business? 

Here's more about what you're getting: 

  • Learn to streamline your business by creating an auto-fill order form that works for you to keep you organized and efficient
  • Ideas and expert advice on where to start selling both online and locally
  • Tips and tricks on taking better product photos to land the sale - at a higher price and ahead of the competition 
  • You'll learn in detail exactly how to make your own realistic mockups in Silhouette Studio to share with customers and use as listing photos
  • Step by step instructions on setting up a Business Facebook page for successful selling and marketing (with or without an Etsy Shop)
  • Best practices for marketing your small business online, on social media and face to face
  • Learn from my experience as a seller - the good, bad, and ugly - so you don't make the same mistakes, but instead take advantage of what I've learned to shorten the learning curve
  • Take full advantage of the best free apps and programs out there to make better use of your time
  • Real life advice - and tools - from a busy mom on how to run a successful and profitable Silhouette business while balancing all of life's other demands
  • An ad-free guide means 100% information on every single page
  • Easily printable in full color or black and white
  • Interactive table of contents which allows you to get where you want to go with just the click of the mouse


Don’t be that seller who continues to spin their wheels because they're 'selling at cost', working inefficiently, or struggling with marketing.

Don’t let the fear of not having a business or financial background get in the way of turning your crafting hobby into a successful business!
Instead, take full advantage of the investment you already made when you purchased your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait! Start Cutting a Profit today! 

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How do I open the eBook on my Ipad? 
  • Install the Kindle app or iBook on your iPad.
  • Click on the download link to download
  • When asked if you want to open with iBook or "other", click 'other."
  • Pick Kindle from the list of options. Then you can go to the Kindle app and read it!
What format is the ebook in? 
After payment, Cutting a Profit will be instantly available to download as a PDF file. 

The copy center says they can't print the ebook because it's copyrighted. What do I do now? 
Please contact eBooks@SilhouetteSchoolBlog.com and we will send you a written consent giving the purchaser the right to have the book printed.

Can I gift the Cutting a Profit ebook? 
Yes! We offer the option to gift the ebook version of Cutting a Profit. Click here for more on how to give Cutting a Profit as a gift!

About the Author

Melissa Viscount is the founder, owner, and editor of Silhouette School Blog and Boss Lady and Bob. A SAHM to two young children, Melissa previously worked as a Television News Producer at three different NBC affiliates after graduation from Ithaca College.  Following the birth of her oldest child in 2008, she stopped working outside the home to stay home and raise her children. During that time she maintained several blogs and online freelance writing gigs. 

In December 2013 Melissa received her first Silhouette machine, a Silhouette Portrait (later adding a CAMEO 1, Silhouette CAMEO 2, Silhouette CURIO and Silhouette Mint to the family, as well). Recognizing there was a need for beginner-focused Silhouette CAMEO tutorials and written instruction  Silhouette School blog was born in January 2014.

Silhouette School immediately took off and has become a go-to source of information, tutorials, and project ideas for Silhouette users around the world. With a very active blog and social media following Silhouette School has become Melissa’s flagship site having been read by more than 12 million readers around the world.  

Cutting a Profit is the 8th book in Melissa's Ultimate Silhouette Guide series, six of which are now offered as part of Silhouette machine bundles.  In addition, Melissa has also been invited to speak and teach about the Silhouette machines at conferences and trade shows across the country.

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