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In the months since March 2015 when I launched 'The Ultimate Silhouette Guide' I have had a lot of requests for the book to be issued in paper back in addition to the original ebook version.

Well, it's here!

After much thought and months of begging from many readers who say they just can't 'do' an ebook, I have worked to self publish The Ultimate Silhouette Guide as a paperback book.

So while the book is now available in paper back, I am really still encouraging you to consider the ebook for several reasons

1) Due to things such as mass printing and distribution costs (which are non existent with an ebook version) the paper back is being sold at a slightly higher price point. 

2) Also, again due to complications that don't come into play with the digital ebook version, the paper back copy can't be updated nearly as frequently or as easily.  So when significant enough changes occur to the Silhouette machine and/or software, such as the software changes and updates expected later this year, I will write an appendix to the ebook.  Unfortunately, these updates won't be available to those with the paperback version.  Most Recent eBook Update: 4/2016

3) The ebook is an instant download and is delivered for free and tax free.  There is a s/h fee associated with the paper back version. 

Thinking about which version to get? The book has been slightly modified to be put into print - but it's all the same information, images and tutorials that you'd get with the original ebook version.   The only changes are the print copy does not include clickable links or an interactive table of contents.

Here's what people are saying:

"Thank you so much for all your hard work. Silhouette School is awesome and so is the book. Silhouette ought to buy your book and include it with every Silhouette Cameo!!!!" - Rita

"It is so easy to understand when reading it. You have changed the crafter's world of Silhouette cutting with this book. Thank you." - Angie
  "...BUY the EBOOK best $27.99 you will spend. I wasted more money in material messing things up before The Silhouette School became my BFF." - Michele

"I just bought this book this morning and I thought I was pretty good at my machine. Oh my....I've already learned even more. You can not go wrong! Buy this book. I can't believe everything you have put in this book!" - Kim 

"Melissa, you are a godsend! Finally everything is in one place, easy to find and easy to understand instead of on a gazillion notes scattered around my craft room. I know I'll be using my Sil a lot more now. Thank you so much!"